Hvar parties and nightlife

Summer vacations are intended for the sea and sun, but also for inevitable entertainment. If your destination is Croatia and Dalmatia, then it is an indispensable place for your good time the island of Hvar. Hvar is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, best known as a resort. It is also known as a port city, so in the town of Hvar you can see the walls from the 13th century, the fortress on the hill and the main square anchored next to the cathedral built during the Renaissance. There are also beaches on the island such as Dubovica and lavender fields in the interior. Boat trips reveal the nearby Pakleni islands, which have secluded beaches and coves. However, what has been synonymous with the island of Hvar for the past few years are its crazy parties and nightlife, which will leave you with wonderful memories, to which you will surely return. So even though we are in the time of the Covid pandemic, don’t worry, the fun is not over. What you must look out for is that all the fun is held outdoors in order to provide you with maximum security, and for all major gatherings it would be good to secure Covid confirmation that will open all the doors for you and allow you to enjoy the nightlife of Hvar without masks on your face.

Hula Hula Hvar

And for your excellent night out there is Hula Hula bar, one of the most famous places on Hvar 15 minutes’ walk west of the city center, on the coast between hotel “Amfora” and “Podstina”. In this rustic wooden beach bar, you will enjoy beautiful sunset views and chill-out music. Hula Hula Hvar is synonymous with the best Hvar dance floor on the beach that will leave you breathless with its unforgettable sunset view, the fiercest music and amazing people. You will find a gathering along the coast with cocktails, dancing and live music, and sun chairs on the sand. It is good to come in the morning and choose a nice place to lie down. Have lunch there than stay at sunset listening to DJs and continuing your night out. Enjoying the night out is also provided by a kiva bar rock bar where you do not miss their specialty – “tequila dum dum”.

Carpe diem

There is also an unforgettable Carpe diem, a perfectly designed place with an unforgettable atmosphere. A rich offer of cocktails, a large terrace decorated with greenery where you can enjoy the sunset and moonlight are only part of the offer of this space. Carpe diem is a bar that has been the center of Hvar’s nightlife for the past 20 years, but there is no shortage of fun in the daytime. Located in the harbor itself, the open-air terrace by the sea is surrounded by enchanting views of the sea, palm trees and ancient stone. It is the perfect place to start the day with the rising sun and stunning views accompanied by excellent daily music and a gentle breeze of the Mediterranean, while enjoying a freshly prepared brunch That in this place luxury is part of life is proved by world-class champagne with which you can toast to enjoying life, and you will also find a special selected wine menu and the best unique cocktails enjoyed by world famous people. If you have chosen Split for your stay, do not worry, every day you will find a secured taxi boat ride in the port in front of the Port Authority. The speedboat will take you to Hvar in half an hour and will leave you in the immediate vicinity of Carpe diem, on Hvar’s waterfront. Every day you are provided with a transfer from the city of Split to Hvar at 7 pm, and you have your return every hour, and at the latest at 5 am the next day so that you can enjoy a night out without cargo. You can book a taxi boat in advance and cancel it within 24 hours and be completely free.

Cro Care application

We also thought about your safety that is necessary at this time of the pandemic, so there is a Cro Care application for you that offers the possibility that everyone can find the nearest testing center by the location where they are currently located, as well as emergency services or hospitals. The system is currently available in seven languages, and automatically recognizes the user’s speech area, that is, the website opens in the language set on the device used by the user. On the websites of all local tourist boards, you can easily find a link to the Cro Care application, so you can easily get an answer to the question of where they can be tested closest, that is, where are the nearest emergency services if you need it. An emergency call button is also installed in the web platform, with which, through one click, the user can call the police, firefighters, ambulance, covid service, emergency services. The interface is maximally adapted to the end user because it graphically displays a folder and a list with locations and allows you to navigate directly to the requested locations. Also, the platform is completely customized for use on computers and mobile devices.
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